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10 SEO Tips for Musicians

4 Comments 5 February 2014

10 SEO Tips for Musicians

Music and marketing blogger Solveig Whittle gives some great advice on her blog, Shades of Solveig, about how to improve your SEO by making some simple fixes and learning more about how your online presence can grow organically to drive more traffic to your website. These are great basics every musician should pay attention to.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. All this means is that if someone searches (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) for either your personal name, your band name or perhaps even for the type of music you play (eg. “dubstep Celtic”or “ukelele classic rock cover band Seattle”), your website will appear at the top or close to the top of their search results.

Have you Googled yourself or your band name lately? Try it and see what comes up. You might try also your musical genre if it’s narrow enough. My results are shown above and to the right when I Google my name, and below left for when I Google the words in my band name, Solveig Stevie. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Solveig Whittle, Shades of Solveig

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  1. Great SEO tips for musicians. The music niche is no different than other industries when it comes to online marketing. We all need to follow the same set of rules.

  2. Seo Services says:

    Off site SEO is a much wider array of techniques but can still be boiled down into smaller chunks. Typically, SEO Cheltenham would involve things like ‘link building’ or ‘guest blogs’. People talk about submitting their sites to Seo Services , but this can actually harm your sites Search Engine Rankings unless done properly and with the right directories.

  3. David says:

    Great post! I’m currently helping my company refresh their social media marketing efforts.i always try to learn more and more about SEO tips, but today i found the most important and unique tips on your blog. I will try to implement on my blog. Please providing more tips thanks so much.

  4. Great info. I do a ton of niche marketing on top of my local client SEO. I agree with Robert that search engine optimization all follows the same rules online but I have found the music niche is a lot more branding and re-marketing than keyword research.

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