12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music

15 Comments 13 October 2011

12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music

1. Creed has sold more records in the US than Jimi Hendrix.

2. Led Zeppelin, REM, and Depeche Mode have never had a number one single, Rihanna has 10

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  1. Randy Green says:

    All I’m getting out of this article is that you don’t like the way reality works. Gee, sorry man, what can I do to help?  Part of the reason you may be so disapointed that the artists you like aren’t selling as well as the ones you don’t like is that you’re comparing numbers from different eras, when the number of people was different than it is now. Don’t ya know that? It must be really traumatic being a new age punk these days. If nothing else, you’re funny. Rg

  2. John says:

    With the advent of MTV, VH1, More radio stations now in a specific demographic area that play the same producer based music over and over again, it’s no wonder these are the facts. All the way thru school children are told they have to fit in and be the same as everyone else. This is more prevelant today than in times gone by. When producers run the music industry and pump out the same “game winning formula” over and over, then anything that doesn’t “fit in” is disregarded. Kids today, who are the main demographic target, don’t really get the chance to listen to “REAL” music from “Real” talented artists who had to go it alone and stand out on their merit rather than their looks or flash, (which is only designed to get attention which they wouldn’t normally get in the real world because in reality they are boring). I’ve noticed the same chord progressions in Pop, Rock, Country, and electronic music. Cookie cutter tunes in a cookie cutter, throw away world.

  3. Yeah, the list can go on and on and on. Disappointments in popular music and music industry never stop.
    A couple of these “best selling artists” I never even heard of before now. And I don’t think I want to know about them.

  4. I have struggled with this for about 5 yrs. 70’s 80’s and some 90’s bands, or solo artists most were raw and unbridled. music industry we find has been corrupt starting in the 60’s, and it is all about money, and finding talent younger, and prettier than the next. J-lo seems to be the golden child, or beyonce, because not only does the record company get a singer, they get an actor, a new clothing line, purfumes, whatever they can think of to market and squeeze the formula to the highest degree. just as the world has a “new normal”, so does the music industry, and it is clear we are not in control of much these days,lol

    also the young people have new ways to “cut through” the yrs of struggle we have done as musicians and entertainers, you tube, American Idol, X factor…...for the new wanna be’s… is like going from preschool to your feshman yr of high school…..everything has to be “fast” for the new age we are in….not bitter, just pointed….........

  5. jeff says:

    I’m a musician who came of age in the sixties and seventies. I’m used to stellar artists and musicians like The Stones, Beatles, Who, Tull, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Neal Young, etc. Although there is good music out there if you search, acts at the top of the main stream have nowhere near the talent the above artists had. If you know of any who do, let me know immediately. However, if these artists did exist, you’re right, the “industry” probably wouldn’t give them a chance to develop. Yes, the delivery system of music has changed dramatically, but music is music, and if you’re that good, you will get heard and rise to the top because it’s money in the pccket for the industry accountant yahoos who run these large media companies now. Check out the “listen to music” section on for some good stuff in various genres. Also, college radio. But Beatles and Stones? Forget it. It was a short flash of brilliance, and now it’s gone.

  6. Scotchmik says:

    It’s true, Randy.  you can’t compare 1967 with 2007.  the record industry has changed so much then.  the dreams of getting a 7 or 5 album major label deal are over.  even in the 80’s most bands got 3 if they were lucky.  doesnt’ matter if you like Creed or not, the fact of the matter is population, views on popular music, etc then were different.  the bottom line is hindsight is 20/20 and any artist who makes an considerable impact on the industry over time will rise above any record sales or chart hits.  E.g. KISS.

  7. Terence Thomas says:

    There are lots of dissappointing things about alot of things. I am dissapointed that dance companies arnt more interested in getting new music for their signature work.

  8. D. Tallerico says:

    You choice of Patrick Joseph for Artist of 2012 shows that you support good music; music that allows the inclusion of various musical instruments and lyrics that invite the listener into someone’s world to share an experience. 

    So much of the music lauded by the media today serves only background purpose for acrobatic dancing and high-tech effects.

    With Patrick Joseph, one experiences the marital bliss of melody and words.  Like that of Bob Dylan, Patrick’s music will be savored twenty years from now for its timelessness and poetry.

    Don’t get discouraged!  The music IS out there and your selection of Patrick Joseph shows that you’re aware of that fact!!!

  9. Poppa Madison says:

    Guy, Guys, Guys !

    Wots this all about “Kids” being the main demographic market for Music?
    For particular genres and dressed up Video makeovers for passing fancies that maybe so.

    Have you forgotten me and my fellow ageing relics?

    The Seniors Population is the largest and fastest growing (and slowly passing) demographic in the Western World. They’ve got time and money on their hands….....grab it while you can!

    I’m all for “Grab a Granny Nites” LOL smile

  10. Jody Schmidt says:

    To all the supposedly ‘creative’ and independent thinking mass conformist emo hipsters out there, here is a quiz:

  11. J. Murray / music lover says:

    You are all great thinkers. I enjoy reading comments from you, because you put alot of time and care in your words; with out people like you music would become unchallenged and bland.
    Keep up the good work, we must not let the current trends keep us from greatness.
    True genius is out there!

  12. nick says:

    Even in the 80’s most bands got 3 if they were lucky.  Doesnt’ matter if you like Creed or not, the fact of the matter is population, views on popular music, etc then were different.

  13. Tim Young says:

    There is no accounting for taste. Popular music never meant good music necessarily. Hell people put Reagan into office TWO times and he was not a great singer.

  14. I am certainly not well known but my music on Sound Cloud has earned for me a great deal of positive feedback from the people I respect the most, my fellow musicians/composerspeers.

  15. Some players will play solo guitar once in a while, and play in groups the rest of the time. Joe Pass was one such player, Tuck Andress is another. Then there are others like Chet Atkins, and Michael Hedges who were known for being solo players. While they both could certainly hang with the best of them in ensemble situations, they were both best known for their solo playing. Leo Kotkke is best known for being a solo player despite the fact that most of his projects are not solo guitar at all. He started off in that direction and has some great tunes in the solo guitar style, but it is not his main thing.

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