12 Things That Won’t Happen In 2017 (My Music Industry Anti-Predictions)

No Comments 21 December 2016

12 Things That Won’t Happen In 2017 (My Music Industry Anti-Predictions)

By:  Paul Resnikoff

What won’t be happening in the music industry next year?

If you’re hoping for big things next year, you might just get them.  But temper your expectations, my friend.  Here are my anti-predictions for 2017.

1. Wireless headphones won’t take over the world (yet).

Just because Apple ripped out the headphone jack doesn’t mean we’re playing along.  Already, wireless headphones and earbuds are strong sellers, especially amongst the most active of users.  And Samsung is pondering a jack-less phone as well.

The only problem is that Bluetooth sucks!

So do things like a $69 charge for a single Apple AirPod replacement.  And it won’t get any better in 2017.  Which means a lot of people will wait, and even stick with their trusty, wired Apple earbuds.  This won’t be a clean transition, at least until the technology gets better, and the prices come down.

2. Apple won’t close its iTunes download store (yet).

Once January rolls around, you’ll be shocked at how much song downloading has declined in 2016.  But that’s nothing compared to how steep the decline will be in 2017.  Even so, Apple will drag its feet at least until 2018 to close iTunes music downloads.

Apple is a huge corporation.  There are simply too many politics involved, and too many bands and labels clinging on.  And not enough Steve Jobs to cut things off.

3. Streaming music won’t reach 250 million paying subscribers.

We’ve always said that 250 million paying subscribers is when the music industry really starts the change.  And we’re already at 100 million.  But getting people to pay is hard, especially since the most willing. die-hard music buyers have already crossed over.

200 million?  Maybe.  250 million?  Not in 2017.  But it’s getting there.

4. The Grammys will not be spectacular.

Maybe we’ll get some Kanye or Frank Ocean drama.  But you’ll also be sitting through a three-song Beyonce medley (or flipping the channel).

5. ‘Spotify screws artists!’ will finally die.

Read More/Original Source: http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2016/12/19/music-industry-anti-predictions

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