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25 Music Crowdfunding Mistakes

1 Comment 25 February 2014

25 Music Crowdfunding Mistakes

This article on the DIY Musician Blog was written by guest contributor Ian Anderson of Launch and Release. Here, Ian discusses 25 crowdfunding mistakes that can make you look like a money hungry fool and how to hone in on the most effective methods to ask for funding support from your fans.

From the article:

Asking for money sucks. Maybe you fear rejection or maybe you worry that you’ll look desperate, greedy, incompetent or rude.

It’s a lot like being a middle schooler trying to hold hands or put an arm around your date while at the movies.

Asking for money often raises internal doubts like:
* Will I seem greedy?
* Will it negatively affect our relationship?
* Do they trust me?
* Will they understand why or buy into my vision?
* Will I look like an a—hole?

These are legitimate questions and they can arise in a variety of circumstances in life.But when you are going to run a music crowdfunding project, you cannot afford to have these questions dogging you because self doubt and fear will betray your efforts in some subtle and many not-so-subtle ways.

Thus, it is CRUCIAL that you are WELL PREPARED to ask for money for your crowdfunding project. If you’re not, you run the potential risk of sabotaging your own efforts which (newsflash!) isn’t really a great thing to do.There are tons of resources to help you prepare to ask for something you want – just google “how to get what you want.” It shouldn’t take you more than a page or two of results to get a good grasp. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Ian Anderson guest blogging for DIY Musician Blog/CD Baby

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One Comment

  1. Brook says:

    We sell cds and downloads and are grateful that happens enough we can fund our next release without going crazy far in the hole. What I don’t get is if a band cannot figure that out, why should they even put out another record? Or ask for funds?

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