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4Trax: Record On The Go

No Comments 13 November 2012

4Trax: Record On The Go

If you are a budding composer, or aspiring singer songwriter, or just like creating zany dialogue in funny voices, 4Trax should be on your downloadable must-haves.

Created by John Macaluso, the app is for iPhone users. When opening the app, the screen shows the four tracks on which you can record.

Recording is fairly simple. Hit the record button on the top, and then the button again to stop the track. You can play it back with the play button at the end.

To save a session, not an individual track, hit the tool button in the bottom right hand corner. You can also import or overwrite tracks using that option. Once you save, you can play back the entire mixed track with the master play button at the bottom.

To export the m4a file on your computer, hit export, which gives you the option to send to Facebook, your phone Library, or email.

The app so far has a few bugs. The Save session is sometimes unresponsive, and it is difficult to tell for certain if a track is recording—the indicator bars do not always respond.

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