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5 Misconceptions About Music Publicists (And Music Publicity In General)

No Comments 20 April 2016

5 Misconceptions About Music Publicists (And Music Publicity In General)

From the Cyber PR blog: I got a call recently from a veteran musician who did his homework and avoided hiring one firm with a reputation for not delivering results – only to get all of his money taken by another publicist who never answered another email or phone call the day after the check cleared.

I’m not saying this is common behavior, but unfortunately it happens more than I’d like to see. It’s bad for artists, it’s bad for business, it’s bad for music!

Quite often, artists get taken for a ride because they don’t actually know what music publicists do, or what to expect from one. This allows scammers to take advantage, by promising the world and then disappearing. Misconceptions about music publicity can also create false expectations, and disappointments down the road when you realize that your publicist might not be able to get you that Super Bowl ad you were hoping for. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Cyber PR blog

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