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6 Traits of Delusional Artists

No Comments 17 November 2013

6 Traits of Delusional Artists

RapRehab’s Sebastien Elkouby writes: As a creative consultant and publicist, I’ve worked with many Hip Hop artists, some big names, some up and coming. While half of them were a pleasure to work with, the rest were borderline insane, ego maniacs…or at the very least delusional.

Although this is probably what most of us expect from superstar celebrities, it is even more amusing to witness the same behavior from unknown, unsigned, and no-name artists. These “special” characters usually fall under the following six categories for which I’ve included some of my best examples.

1. The delusional

I was recently contacted by a rapper, and I’m using the term loosely, who had an amazingly poorly written business plan, void of punctuation, grammar, and logic, outlining a nonsensical strategy for hiring fans to sell his CD’s. He even factored in getting the staff of Hot 97 to sell his music during their off days. Unbelievable! Surely, such a bold plan will be backed up by phenomenal music, right? But when I finally listened to his music, I thought I was on an episode of Punk’d. And then I started thinking that a friend might be playing a joke on me. Sadly, this was very real. Not only was this “rapper” completely off beats but his songs sounded as if they had been recorded on an old school cassette recorder, somewhere deep in a cave. To make matters worse, you could hear his mouth bumping into the mic every few seconds. I reread his initial email to wrap my mind around the absurdity of his request and noticed that I had previously overlooked his asking me how quickly I could get him 50,000 Twitter followers. Right then and there, I knew Mr. Delusional wasn’t dealing with a full deck and would soon be used as an example in this story. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Sebastien Elkouby, RapRehab

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