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A great solo can elevate your song

No Comments 15 May 2016

A great solo can elevate your song

From Disc Makers Echoes blog: Whether it’s a virtuosic guitar, a transcendent piano, or a funky breakdown on bass, a great solo can add power and personality to songs in any genre.

Spicing your song up with a great solo isn’t all about playing certain notes between verses or trying to sound like Jimi Hendrix before the final chorus; indie artists of all styles should think about solos not just as opportunities to shred, but as parts of the song’s overall composition, opportunities to add depth, power, nuance, or momentum.

Here are case studies that can shed some light on how to make your own solo the best it can be – for you as the artist or band, your audience, and the song itself. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Michael Gallant, Disc Makers Echoes

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