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Active listening can help you as a musician

No Comments 7 June 2016

Active listening can help you as a musician

via Disc Makers Echoes: Active listening will serve you well in live situations, recording sessions, and even in your interpersonal relationships. Active listening is specifically making listening the primary activity and doing nothing else. Don’t clean, don’t drive, don’t carry on a conversation. Just listen.

The amount of background music we experience in our lives is staggering. There is background music playing at the supermarket, at the gas pump, on every TV show and in every movie, in dentists’ offices, in bars and restaurants, and in many venues – often in the bathroom!

Many of you, like myself, are involved in creating this background music for a living. The problem with the ubiquity of all of this music aimed at the passive listener is that it becomes very easy and almost habitual to tune it out, and thus very difficult to “break through” to people. The famous violinist Joshua Bell, who commands thousands of dollars for live performances, played Bach on a $3.5 million violin in the DC Metro for 45 minutes and made $32. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Chris Huff, Disc Makers Echoes

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