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Advice from a vocal producer

No Comments 10 April 2016

Advice from a vocal producer

A vocal producer is a specialist who concentrates on getting the best vocal performance possible. These eight tips on the Disc Makers Echoes blog come from a seasoned pro and will help you focus on how to bring your best vocal performance to the stage and studio.

Vocalists and music producers will always benefit by preparing for their time in the studio. For a vocalist, it takes time to become comfortable in the studio setting, and you need to understand what the producer wants from you so you can easily respond and adjust during the recording session. Pre-production with a vocal producer saves time and money and can improve the feel of a recording exponentially and help provide the “Emotional X Factor” which is the key to selling music. Don’t go into a studio setting unprepared and waste precious time. Any record project is a major investment. Do everything you can beforehand to help your project succeed. Here are eight things you can do to help make that happen. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Brad Chapman, Disc Makers Echoes

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