Amazon Music Unlimited Set to Take On Premium Music Streaming Services

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Amazon Music Unlimited Set to Take On Premium Music Streaming Services

The music streaming industry has been booming as of late. There are already many well-known music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora on the market. However, it looks like the marketplace is about to get a little bit more cramped now that Amazon has finally launched its own streaming service: Amazon Music Unlimited.

Subscription Prices and Packages
Rumors of Amazon launching a standalone music service were circulating for a while. It appears that the company took its time coming up with a streaming plan that works for everyone, including giving Prime and Echo members a discount. Here is a breakdown on the prices for this service:

Non-prime members: $9.99 a month
Prime members: $7.99 a month
Echo owners: $3.99 a month

Echo is Amazon’s wireless speaker that can take voice commands. Integrated with personal assistant Alexa, this speaker has proven to be more capable than most. Now Amazon has sweetened the deal by giving Echo owners a big discount on its streaming service. It also confirms earlier rumors that the company was planning on giving Echo owners a discount on a music streaming service.

Family Plan in the Works
While there are only three subscription plans available as of now, Amazon has some more plans in the works. This includes its Family Plan, which is scheduled to launch later this year. The plan will give multiple family members access to Amazon Music Ultimate for only $14.99. This is an ideal option for when more than member of a household wants to use the music streaming service.

So what do you get with Amazon Music Unlimited? The service allows you to listen to any song, anywhere. This includes listening to music on your Android or iOS device via an Amazon Music Unlimited app. The service is completely ad-free, and you get unlimited skips. You even have the option to download music to your device for listening when you’re not connected to the internet.

Just like other streaming services, this one allows you to customize and create stations that play only the music that you like. If you’re unsure if this service is for you, Amazon offers a 30-day trial so that you can give it a test run.
How Does It Stack Up?

As far as streaming music goes, Amazon Music Unlimited seems to work fine in early tests. The biggest disadvantage Amazon has to overcome is its catalog of music. Despite saying that you can listen to any song, anywhere, Amazon only offers around 2 million songs. That may seem impressive, but it falls short of the nearly 10 million songs that other services such as Apple Music offer. Either way, it’s good for music lovers and artists because it means that there’s yet another platform through which to sell and buy music.

It looks like Amazon is off to a good start with Music Unlimited. This music streaming service can only improve as more songs and more pricing plans become available.

By:Brad Johnson

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