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Are celebrity speakers all they’re cracked up to be?

No Comments 30 July 2016

Are celebrity speakers all they’re cracked up to be?

When you’re planning an event it’s always tempting to skimp on the extras to keep costs down - but if you cut so many corners that your event is no longer a tempting prospect for invitees, then your penny pinching could prove to be an expensive mistake.

One of the best ways to ensure that people attending your event get the best possible value for money is by hiring a celebrity from a top talent agency to speak at your event. With so many celebrity speakers around, there’s sure to be someone who’s a perfect fit for your event, and attendees will certainly thank you for it.

It doesn’t matter what sort of event you’re planning, you’ll find a celebrity available for public speaking engagements who’s up to the job - just be sure to tailor your choice to your audience.

A sports club dinner would be well served by a sportsman or woman in that field, and you can choose your after dinner speaker according to your age demographic too. While older people might enjoy hearing from football legend Geoff Hurst, those in a younger ae bracket may be more excited by up and coming athletes such as skeet shooter Amber Hill.

Likewise, it may be possible to enlist the help of a celebrity with an interest in your cause for a charity dinner or gala to add interest and help you to raise as much as possible, or a particularly good motivational speaker for a staff training day.

If it’s a ticketed event that’s on the cards, it’s crucial to make sure you shift those tickets - and what better way to convince potential customers your event is worth buying into than with the effective endorsement of a celebrity in the form of a public appearance at your do?

Not only that, but your investment will continue to create returns past the immediate future; people who have attended and enjoyed an event that you’d put on featuring a public speaker are much more likely to return to another event you put on and speak positively about it to their friends.

For corporate events like staff away days and training events, the lure of a celebrity speaker will help to engage your audience more in the message that you’re trying to get across. When it’s something as important as a motivational message for staff, that extra bit of authority offered by a celebrity speaker can ensure people listening really sit up and take notice.

If you’re looking to hire a celebrity speaker for your next event, get in touch with celebrity agency MN2S which is based in London. On the books you’ll find celebrities of all stripes available for speaking engagements - and there’s someone to suit every audience! 

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