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Are you an organic artist?

No Comments 18 May 2016

Are you an organic artist?

From Disc Makers Echoes: Being an organic musical artist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cultivate an image and market yourself. You need to identify your “known unknowns,” create an artistic lane, and rethink your definition of “organic.”

“Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd” – P.T. Barnum

Without the management of Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley would never have been The King. It is interesting that Parker, not unlike P.T. Barnum, had spent time as carnival huckster, with an affinity for luring bystanders into the tent. Parker understood showmanship and how to monetize talent, which Elvis had. But without Colonel Parker, we probably wouldn’t have ever heard of Elvis.

You may think the image, artistic career arc, and performance style of your musical favorites and influences evolved organically, even magically, as if the artists always had a clear vision of what they were going to be, were always polished and ready to go, and were just waiting for their audience to catch on.

Not so. Just about every popular musical artist was developed artistically and commercially in the marketplace. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Johnny Dwinnell, Disc Makers Echoes

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