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Bandmo: Band Website Made Easy

No Comments 6 September 2012

Bandmo: Band Website Made Easy

The idea that someone out there would create a site that is easy to use, looks good, sounds good and has a money-back guarantee certainly has obvious appeal to a struggling musician. Enter, created by musician and computer programmer Vincent Jean and co-founder Benjamin Thouret in Montreal, Quebec. solves many of the problems aspiring musicians have getting a website set up for their music and self-promotion.

The concept of is beautifully simple: a website service that allows musical artists all the control by adding and subtracting content as they see fit for a reasonable price and ease-of-use. Though in this day and age it would seem to be so, fact is, not every musician out there can afford to have a website of their own and makes that possible.

There are many features on that are exactly what a musician would want to have on their website including personalized .com domains, unlimited visitors to the webpage, easy to use editing tools for a novice, unlimited access to your site, and a customer support service that is always ready to help with questions at no additional cost. At $14.99 per month, and a “no contacts, cancel anytime” policy, it is an affordable and no-risk option for web design and maintenance.

When asked about the concept of and the idea of simplicity without sacrificing a quality site for the artists, Jean said, “ was created on the premise that building and hosting a website for your music career should be as easy as possible. We worked for months to create the most friendly user-interface in order to achieve the most straightforward creation process possible. The most simple things are usually the hardest to create. Simplicity is indeed a very challenging task, especially when it comes to creating a website. We think we have the best product out there right now. My partner and I are very happy of the end product”. - Band Website Made Easy

Another worry for most musicians is, understandably, audio quality. Today’s compressed music and squashed dynamics are one thing, but sub-standard audio quality is a very common problem when talking about music posted online. A lot of websites will service this option on the cheap and often so at the sake of quality. When asked about audio quality services Jean replied, “We decided not to cut corners and to offer only the best plugins out there. You get the best sounding music with our quality player and you get a fully compatible design with tablets/mobile/desktops”. also offers unlimited content and bandwidth with each account, a key feature that allows the artist to set up their page as they wish without restrictions. Jean commented, “One cool thing about us is that we keep adding new features to Bandmo based on the feedback of our customers; so if you want a feature that’s not in there already, it usually does not take too long before we create it for you”. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why the site has been so successful with musicians, with more getting added on each week.

Another very unique feature available is a “pay only if you like it” policy which basically provides peace of mind to a prospective customer. Why would such a feature be available if the guys at didn’t have full confidence in their product? After all, that would be a rather huge risk, yes? When asked about the way the policy has been received, Jean stated, “It’s been received very well! We believe that our product rocks. With that in mind we put our money where our mouth is. Enabling people to test out everything before subscribing makes sure that our future customers will be satisfied with the end-result website”.

From a service standpoint, if there are any issues a customer has regarding their account, there are both a 1-800 number and online support available to answer any questions and concerns. Jean also notes that, “With every request that comes in, we make the product a little bit more clearer and simpler based on the feedback we get”.

Artists can use for posting tour dates, bios, press and anything else that helps drive fans to merchandise, music and more. Add and remove content as needed. The artist is in full control. And, if there is any doubt or confusion as to how to function on the site, there is an easy tutorial lasting about two minutes which shows exactly how easy it is to navigate. For any musician in need of a website could not be more accessible or easy to use.

What are you waiting for? Create your website now and pay only if you like it.


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