BEARtek Gloves: Making Music Easier and Safer for Listeners on the Move

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BEARtek Gloves: Making Music Easier and Safer for Listeners on the Move

With winter fast approaching on the calendar and the temperatures already starting to drop, it’s not unusual to see people digging out their layering accessories. Scarves, hats and gloves are going to only increase in number as the days get shorter and darker.

Winter gloves have never been very gadget-friendly. Touch screen technology made this problem even more prominent and had people choosing between exposing their hands to the cold, wearing fingerless gloves, or waiting to get inside before making a phone call or changing their mp3 player settings. “Texting gloves” helped solve this dilemma but what if keeping your hands warm is a must or your hands are just plain full?

BEARtek Gloves, (which stands for Bluetooth Enabled Audio Regulation), are the premier product of Maryland-based company, Blue Infusion Technologies. The company is out to step up the accessory game; combining winter warmth, technological convenience and a third useful aspect of practical safety to boot.

A fairly young company started in 2010 by CEO and inventor Willie Blount, Blue Infusion Technologies has covered a lot of ground to get an intricate concept like BEARtek Gloves up and running well enough to file for a Kickstarter campaign in just two years. According to a recent tweet from the company’s official Twitter account, the campaign is due to start November 12. A press release specifies that this first campaign will feature gloves…

“specifically designed for use during winter sports like skiing [or] snowboarding, while the company’s second glove collection for motorcyclists is set to premier in the Spring of 2013.”

Blount being a motorcyclist, and his business partner Tarik Rodgers (COO), being a skier, each of them brings a real perspective to BEARtek’s product potential and application for the everyday consumer. Even if one takes up neither of these activities, it is comforting to know that those who do might soon be keeping more of their attention on steering rather than changing the music on their device.

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