Before You Upstream, Know Your Local Scenes

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Before You Upstream, Know Your Local Scenes

The 300-artist lineup is one of the most locally focused in the region—here’s who’s representing.

Rock is still the prevailing sound of choice in Seattle, the city where Paul Allen built a huge Jimi Hendrix museum designed to look like a smashed guitar. Luckily, the city’s guitar-slingers aren’t too nostalgic for Seattle’s rock history, although plenty still reference its grunge and indie heritage. Whether you’re looking for updated takes on old sounds or artists bending rock into new shapes and sounds, the local scene has probably got you covered. Artists to watch for: Charms, Wild Powwers, Gazebos, Dude York, Great Grandpa, Fabulous Downey Brothers.

Author: Kelton Sears

Local hip-hop is exploding right now. The talent pool stretches from up in Seattle, where the style is “defined” by its wide sonic experimentation—often cerebral, cosmic, and surreal—on through South King County and down through Tacoma, where a very particular fusion of dusky trap with punk and metal sensibilities has emerged. And of course plenty of folks are keeping that classic West Coast style alive in their own updated ways. Artists to watch for: DoNormaal, Ghoulavelli, J’Von, ILLFIGHTYOU, Taylar Elizza Beth, :30.

While artists are still making waves hewing closer to the classic sound, Seattle’s R&B and soul singers are breathing life into the genre by fusing it with lots of inventive, futuristic, spacey production that hits you from out of left field. The line between singer and rapper also continues to blur in town, with many artists seamlessly slipping between the two from track to track—fusing smooth hip-hop production into the vibe as well. Artists to watch for: JusMoni, Guayaba, Sassyblack, Zahara, Falon Sierra, GOODSTEPH.

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