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Book Review: Take Care of Your Music Business, Second Edition

No Comments 16 December 2015

Book Review: Take Care of Your Music Business, Second Edition

The release of Take Care of Your Music Business, Second Edition: Taking the Legal and Business Aspects You Need to Know to 3.0 by John P. Kellogg, Esq. is the next logical step in what could easily be classified as THE reference book for artists, performers, songwriters, producers, and even attorneys, of all shapes and sizes. This is a definite must-read for anyone who signs, looks at or is offered any kind of industry contract or royalty information and wants to understand the ins and outs of the business better. Kellogg has broken down the information and industry speak in a way that empowers and educates, without missing a beat.

John P. Kellogg Take Care of Your Music Business

This Second Edition includes new chapters on the 360 degree deal and the emerging digital age as well as samples of the most-used industry contracts, options for business structure, royalty and accounting information, the author’s Keys to Success in the world of entertainment and more. Kellogg’s background as the Assistant Chair of Music Business at Berklee College, a former Cameo vocalist, and as an entertainment lawyer give him a thorough and unique perspective to align his knowledge with the needs of the everyday musician. He has also developed as well as taught the first free Massive Online Course, “Introduction to Music Business,” that enrolled an astonishing 30,000 students on In short, Kellogg has devised an insightful and easy to comprehend book that touches on issues facing the modern musician and songwriter.

Each chapter is well-constructed and paced in such a way that the wealth of information provided isn’t overwhelming, and it’s easily digestible whether you’re reading casually for information or seeking out specific advice. Particularly helpful (and the source of much confusion for many artists) are chapters dedicated to copyright principles and earnings, the focus on business structures and looking at the 360 degree deal and what it really means as an “Across the Board” deal. The effectiveness of the contract jargon and the accompanying “split screen” analysis is superb, and laid out beautifully and simply. What’s even better is the conversational manner in which Kellogg writes - it’s relatable, engaging and speaks plainly about difficult-to-decipher subjects.

Take Care of Your Music Business, Second Edition is a must-own, must-read text for artists, producers and songwriters who want to gain great general knowledge to look at the music business with their eyes wide open. Empower yourself and maintain the upper hand in your music career by arming yourself with Kellogg’s massive amount of knowledge and practical advice. You won’t be sorry you have this on hand.

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