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Can PopsterX Revolutionize the Music Biz by Monetizing A&R?

1 Comment 10 September 2013

Can PopsterX Revolutionize the Music Biz by Monetizing A&R?

In the heyday of the record industry, the business model was simple: the A&R rep would scout an artist to sign and then the label would invest tons of cash to develop the artist over the years in hope for ROI (return on investment) after they signed the artist. That model worked for decades, but in the brave new digital world, where profits are diminished, that model has suffered.

Now, labels will only sign and promote what they feel is a million selling hit out of the gate. If it tanks, the artist is dropped. Millions of music fans are force fed homogenized corporate music and thousands of innovative artists struggling to be heard bear the brunt of this failing model. It’s lose/lose for everyone.

But here comes, which intends to actually monetize the A&R development process through their social media site that helps emerging artists find a way to the top.

True believers in PopsterX believe that this model is going to actually be THE music biz in the future. Think about it: every music artist on the planet can digitally walk through its doors, get heard, and through a democratic process of FAN votes and buzz creation, find a way to stand out above the noise. Weekly top artists are rewarded with a national social media campaign and a contract to pitch their music for corporate sponsorships and song placement in film and TV.

But that is only the beginning. As artists exponentially grow their fan bases and hit number 1 multiple times by pitching their hit songs to the fans, called “tastemakers”, these acts are primed for a major record deal that is guaranteed to be a hit for the labels, regardless of who they are, what they look like, or what they sound like. It puts the A&R process in the hands of music fans, where it really should have been all along.

So how does PopsterX monetize this process when artists and fans can join for free? Paid advertising and corporate sponsors of the social media site, plus brokered artist deals with third parties for licensing, sponsorships, and label deals, as PopsterX will get a cut of the deals they make for their top artists. PopsterX is also developing opt-in revenue streams that will benefit artists, fans, and charities as well. There are also serious talks going on behind the scenes about a PopsterX reality series with “A List” producers. There are believers everywhere.

PopsterX not only solves the number one problem all indie artists face: “obscurity”, but also brings music discovery to fans in an imaginative and empowering way, plus it is leading the charge to bring brilliant and innovative music back to the world that can stand up to the test of time. Isn’t that what it’s all about, anyway?

Check out PopsterX for yourself, and sign up for a FREE account here:

Twitter: @Popster__X

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One Comment

  1. unknown says:

    The days of the ‘can you please listen to my demo?’ are gone.  It’s crazy how the process has changed.

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