Charity Ekeke

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Charity Ekeke

By: Melanie Gomez

Growing up in Nigeria, Charity Ekeke would save her gift money to buy a Record Song Book every six months. This book featured songs from The Beatles, Jimmy Reeves, Nat King Cole, Cliff Richards, The Everly Brothers, Tom Jones and more.

Charity would learn these songs during her free time. She would lie down next to her family’s turntable, trying to look inside. Looking at the turntable, she would always wonder how they were able to squeeze people inside the turntable to sing. This is how her love for music began, by simply being so fascinated by it in every way.

When she moved to the United States, the current events going on in the world (both domestic and abroad) along with her own personal struggles inspired her as a singer and songwriter.

Being concerned about the lives of prostitutes and teenage mothers is what inspired her to write a song called “Don’t Call Them” off of her debut album She. When her daughter preached about birth control, she wrote “These Times.” The multiple forms of abuse towards women around world is what inspired “She Bears”

Balancing work and raising children made it hard for Charity’s music career to take off, but that didn’t stop her from writing. For Charity, music will always be her creative outlet.

What’s cool about her album, She, is that three of the eleven songs were written almost 20 years ago. But for Charity, these songs are as relevant today as they were then.

Charity believes that it is only through God’s blessing that her dreams are possible. To this day, she is still amazed that she made an album at this point in her life.

Check out her video for “If the Roles Were Reversed” below:

Charity Ekeke
Twitter: @ItsRealCharity
Facebook: charityekekemusic
Instagram: @ItsRealCharity

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