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Choosing Your YouTube Channel’s Background Image

No Comments 8 October 2012

Choosing Your YouTube Channel’s Background Image

Your YouTube channel is your home-base on the world’s most popular music discovery site. YouTube allows you to upload your own background image in order to customize your channel (like CD Baby artist Sofia Talvik has done with her channel pictured.)

Here’s how to customize your YouTube channel’s background image:

* When you are logged into your YouTube account, you can style your YouTube channel page by clicking “My Channel.”

* From the main channel page, click the “Settings” button.

* From there you can upload a background image.

5 things to keep in mind when uploading the background image for your YouTube channel

1. Choose a picture that is more panoramic than close-up. Think: wide angle shots of your band on stage, or something scenic.

2. The center of your picture will be somewhat obscured by videos and text, so if the focus of the pic is on the left or right — all the better.

3. Use a picture taken in landscape rather than portrait. This will work best for modern wide- screen monitors.

4. Use a photo that is wider than 970 px in width. This way your picture will extend beyond the edges of the main content area on YouTube (which is 970 px). Otherwise your picture will be tiled horizontally, vertically, or both (your choice).

5. In most cases, it doesn’t look that great to tile your image. It’s probably better to avoid tiling by choosing a larger image.

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