Cloud-Music Player AudioBox Reboots With Support Options

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Cloud-Music Player AudioBox Reboots With Support Options

The world isn’t exactly short of services offering to store your music collection in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere. In recent times, major players Apple (iCloud), Google (Drive), and Amazon (Cloud), have pitched up alongside early pioneers in the music locker and streaming space, such as Michael Robertson’s MP3tunes. And, perhaps feeling the heat, another burgeoning offering — — has seen a significant reboot with an approach that appears to ‘bring everything but the kitchen sink’ to the cloud-music table.

At the heart of this completely rewritten version of AudioBox is integration to a plethora of third-party cloud storage services and a desktop app to stream directly from a user’s own computer — all built around a slick HTML5 browser-based music player.

In addition to being able to sync and access tracks stored on a user’s Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, or account, among others (a feature AudioBox dubs ‘Unified Library’), the service provides cloud-storage of its own on a ‘pay as you grow’-basis or through dedicated subscription tiers for those users that know more about their requirements in advance.

Streaming from YouTube and SoundCloud is also supported.

Alternatively, users can shun the cloud altogether, turning their own computer into a private music locker via AudioBox Desktop – an app they download that means their locally stored music collection can stream through the AudioBox player just as if it was in the cloud. It’s a feature we’ve seen offered elsewhere, though AudioBox stresses that it’s worked hard to do this in a secure manner, without the need for a user to open up any additional router/modem ports, and notes that the feature is a great way to “circumvent” the walls of Apple’s iTunes.

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