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Convert Facebook Engagement from a Profile to a Fan Page

No Comments 10 October 2012

Convert Facebook Engagement from a Profile to a Fan Page

“Once I have a fan page and have invited all of my friends to join me there, how to I continue to convert fans, and ultimately the engagement, from my personal profile (that has hundreds, if not thousands of friends engaging with me) to a fan page with little-to-no existing engagement?”

This is an incredibly valid question, but in all honestly isn’t an easy one to answer (especially with FB changing their own rules on a monthly basis for how posts are seen by your friends and fans), so let’s take a look at a few simple ways that can become an important part of a long-term strategy to convert fans and engagement from your personal profile to your fan page:

‘Teaser’ Content Strategy

A major pitfall that many musicians make is to cross-post the exact same content on both their fan page AND their personal profile.

Look, the reasoning is certainly sound; you need to post your great new content to your fan page, but why WOULDN’T you your new content to the page where there is most engagement with your fans. I get that, but there is strategy to cross-post the content effectively so that it works towards building engagement in the right place.

First off, you need to understand that not EVERYTHING that is published to your fan page needs to be also posted on your personal profile. In fact, the more exclusive you can make the content on your fan page, the better off you will be, as it will give your fans more of a reason to join you there more consistently.

That said, when you do post this type of exclusive content, you should cross-post a ‘teaser’ to your personal page.

To do this, you essentially want to announce the fact that there is something that you’ve shared exclusively (yes, you can use this word!) on your fan page and that people should head over there to check it out, and of course, you want to be sure to that you also tag your fan page by typing ‘@FAN PAGE NAME’ which will create a link directly to your fan page.

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