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Dealing With Insomnia and Other Health Issues While Touring

No Comments 17 March 2017

Dealing With Insomnia and Other Health Issues While Touring

While on the road touring, musicians have to deal with many health issues both mentally and physically. Spending most of your time in hotel rooms and on tour buses can leave you feeling out of shape, worn out, and cooped up. Insomnia, lowered immune systems, malnutrition, and mental health problems are just some of the many issues touring musician may have to deal with. While health issues are a fairly regular part of touring, there are ways in which musicians can combat the ill effects of traveling on a constant basis for their job.

Author: Nicholas Johnson

Older Artists Feeling The Pain Of Touring

Before the digital age, it was easy for older artists who were big in the 70s and 80s to make a living off of royalties alone. However, with the rise of streaming music, illegal downloads, and the downfall of physical album sales, these older musicians are feeling the harsh reality that they must go on the road to tour if they want to earn a living. A big reason why many of these older artists are in search of a surplus of money is help with their rising medical costs.

However, many times this added touring can be detrimental to their health. For these older artists, it is crucial that they stay on a strict eating and sleeping schedule. Eating at fast food joints and staying up late to drink and party can not take place on these tours. This will only aggravate their health problems. Soda, alcohol, drugs, fast food, and other indulgences must be avoided if these older artists wish to have a sustainable touring career in their later years.

Using The Resources Available

There are many resources available to touring musicians who want to combat the major health problems on the road. There are many compiled lists of health-related articles available online that cater to professional musicians. Learning about these different methods for health care and prevention on the road can help you fortify yourself for a healthier lifestyle on the road.

Dealing With Sleep Schedule Changes And Insomnia

Having a normal sleeping schedule while touring is probably not going to happen. A touring musician will be sleeping in chunks. A few hours in the tour bus and another hour or two in the hotel room is very normal for a busy touring musician. While most professionals are starting their jobs at nine in the morning, touring musicians are usually starting their jobs at nine in the evening. This type of work schedule can get a musician’s brain wired and ready for another eight hours of work. However, a typical set only lasts one hour, leaving a musician wide awake for an additional 7 hours after their performance. Many musicians on the road also deal with depression. The medications taken to ease the symptoms of depression can also aggravate insomnia. It is crucial for a musician to understand the importance of slowing down their mind and relaxing once the night is over. Media like Netflix or a good book can help a musician wind down and start getting ready for a good night of sleep.

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