Ditto Music Offers Free Accounts to Tunecore Artists

No Comments 5 February 2012

Ditto Music Offers Free Accounts to Tunecore Artists

Read on for a note from Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons, whose company is now offering free, emergency accounts to affected Tunecore customers.

“You probably know that due to a dispute over royalties, Amazon has pulled ALL Tunecore content from their service in Europe and the UK…”

“Tunecore is a US company, so they might feel that with a high percentage of their customer base in the US,  and from CEO Jeff Price’s statement it appears that they think that this won’t be a big problem and it is their decision what they do with your music.

Well, from my years as a struggling musician, I know how stressful releasing music is, and I know that the slightest misstep by your distributor can cause major headaches. And its not fair.  You’ve paid your money in good faith, and you expect your distributor to provide you with a service, or at least to notify you prior to your music being removed.”

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