Facebook Tackles ‘Freebooting’

No Comments 13 April 2016

Facebook Tackles ‘Freebooting’

As part of its watchdog initiative, Facebook is offering to monitor and delete violating clips or notify the copyright owners. Billboard reports.

Facebook is getting serious about tackling “freebooting.” The social media giant has launched Rights Manager, an admin tool which is intended to curb the dubious practice where Business Pages and celebs can rip videos from elsewhere, repost the copyrighted content on Facebook and grow their brands while robbing the content creators of views.

The company announced last August that it was working to address the “freebooting” problem, and Rights Manager is that solution. It resembles YouTube’s Content ID, however that system allows content owners to leave freebooted videos up on third-party accounts and continue monetizing off it. Facebook does not, but it does offer a revenue-sharing option for most videos. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Billboard

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