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Fender Launches Eric Clapton Amp Series

No Comments 15 October 2011

Fender Launches Eric Clapton Amp Series

From Cream’s “Crossroads” to Derek and the Dominos’ “Layla” to his “Forever Man,” Eric Clapton is known worldwide for both his playing and his incredible tone - players worldwide cite him as the tonal font from which they draw their tone. Now, Fender has teamed with Clapton to create a brand-new series of amps aimed at the true tone connoisseur. These amps are handmade to Clapton’s specs and include interesting modifications from “stock,” such as ‘50s-era tube-driven bias tremolo, a switchable power attenuator, and more.

There are three models in the family:

EC Tremolux - Based on a tweed ‘50s Deluxe, this is a hand-wired 12-watt all-tube combo with a finger-jointed pine cabinet, a Celestion Heritage G12-65 speaker, tube bias tremolo, and a built-in power attenuator.

EC Vibro Champ - Clapton is well known for using a Champ for recording in the studio, and this one takes the Champ up a big notch. The Vibro Champ is a handwired 5-watt all-tube combo based on the ‘50s 5F1 circuit, with an 8” alnico Weber speaker, a finger-jointed pine cabinet, custom Schumacher transformers, tremolo, and a built-in power attenuator.

EC Twinolux - Based on the famous tweed ‘57 Twin, this handwired amp offers 40 watts of tube power through two 12” Weber-designed Eminence speakers, plus a finger-jointed pine cabinet, tube bias tremolo, and a built-in power attenuator.

From the pine cabinet to the speaker selection, the circuits to the individual components, these amps were built from the ground up for tone — and with the power attenuator, tone at any volume level. These amps are extremely dynamic and versatile, and did I mention the tone?

Check them out, these amps definitely have the mojo!

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