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Fender Modern Player Telecaster PLUS Upgrade Gives You 76 Pickup Tones

No Comments 15 November 2012

Fender Modern Player Telecaster PLUS Upgrade Gives You 76 Pickup Tones

A simple-to-install upgrade for your Fender Modern Player Telecaster PLUS guitar transforms this instrument into every guitar player’s Tone Nirvana Dream Machine. This upgrade gives you 76 pickup tones; over 12 times MORE pickup tones than your stock instrument offers. This upgrade is part of AweSome Musical Instruments growing family of high performance patented Pickup Switch Upgrade products.

Your upgraded instrument can now sound like almost every electric guitar ever made. Now you can duplicate all of the well-known, famous guitar signature sounds of hundreds of headliner groups from your modified instrument to give you a huge edge in the crowded music market.

The smart performing guitarist will typically use only two or three of the pickup tones available to have a unique Signature Sound that no one else has. You know that to be noticed, you need to also have a unique sound that is completely different from the same five pickup tones that millions of other wannabes have.

For the session guitarist, this upgrade product gives your electric guitar new life to let you sound truly unique. Now you will now only need one guitar to play everything including Rock, Pop, Blues, Surf, Grunge, Jazz, Metal, Folk, intensely Country Twang with guts and even the elusive glass shattering “tin-canny” pickup tones – plus everything else in between. This upgrade gives you a “Grand Canyon Wide” range of unique and subtle pickup tones – to more precisely tailor your output to “mirror the mood” that the recording session demands.

Now the session guitarist can travel much lighter – because they only need one (maybe two) instruments instead of a dozen or more. They only need to tune up one guitar instead of a dozen or more. With this upgraded secret weapon, you will have access to several dozen additional pickup tones that nobody has ever heard.

This upgrade product is made to fit a standard American Fender Modern Player Telecaster PLUS instrument or similar body. This product is completely wired and designed to install with no soldering needed.

AweSome Musical Instruments has several dozen products that are based on their family of high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products. These products are proudly made in the U.S.A.  Nobody can give you more Pure Analog pickup tones than they already do.

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