First Curated Music Subscription in iTunes: Blue Note by Groovebug

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First Curated Music Subscription in iTunes: Blue Note by Groovebug

Earlier this month, Blue Note Records released a groundbreaking app that lets you subscribe to music from a specific label in iTunes. Blue Note by Groovebug (free, iOS) contains not only music, but loads of extras for jazz fans looking to learn more about the classics they already love, and discover new artists from the label’s unparalleled back catalog.

So far as we can tell, this the first curated music subscription app for iOS (please let us know if we missed one somehow).

With some labels, this would make about as much sense as saying, “Here, take this random assortment of songs and give us some money.” However, the freemium Blue Note app makes sense in part because Blue Note is all about jazz. Second, the label curated an extensive batch of artists for this release, so it comes off as a cohesive way to learn about all sorts of artists and their music.

“We’re interested in testing and learning with all sorts of models, and this one works well both for the casual fan who wants to learn more, and the aficionado who wants to immerse themselves,” said EMI vice president of digital projects Neil Tinegate, who is also pretty sure this is the first app of its kind. “Music is the core, of course, but it’s the signposting, recommendation, social elements and beautiful interface that add up to a great experience. You don’t have to be a jazz fan to get into this app, but you’ll probably be one afterwards.”

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