Frankie’s Organ Fields Your Requests on Pipe Organ

No Comments 15 February 2012

Frankie’s Organ Fields Your Requests on Pipe Organ

Frankie, short for Frankenstein, has an organ unlike the ones found in the mythic monster of yore. Instead, the Frankie’s Organ web app attempts to “learn” and re-synthesize popular recordings as songs played by pipe organ. To use it, all you have to do is enter a song, artist (optional), and wait as Frankie gets to work.

Frankenstein notoriously didn’t move as gracefully as his human counterparts. Likewise, the results of Frankie’s Organ can be clumsy or even unrecognizable. But when it works, it’s hard to believe that artificial intelligence is capable of covering songs automatically on the virtual pipe organ and making it sound like the original.

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