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Free Willy Releases ’ Remember the Alamo’

No Comments 27 September 2017

Free Willy Releases ’ Remember the Alamo’

Written by: Melanie Gomez

Free Willy (W.B.Jones) is a singer from Texas who loves to play heart-warming acoustic/vocal mixes of original Bluegrass crossover and Americana selections. After writing songs for years, Jones wanted to take his skills to the next level by recording his music and sharing it with the world.

Making his music, he had a vision to create what he calls the “Free Willy Sound” which involves the
lead instruments playing “over top of each other” on the breaks, rather than having the instruments “take turns”, and to inject lead breaks throughout the songs, including during the vocal parts.

Free Willy came back to life last fall (2016) when Jones walked into Camp Street Cafe in Crockett, Texas to participate in the quarterly acoustic jam session/open mic night event. The instrumental chorus that flooded the venue filled him with inspiration, and at that moment he was determined that he would dig through his files, recover the songs that he had written within the past 40 years or so, pick out his favorites, and attempt to recreate a unique sound to share with the world.

Jones says, “This band of (mostly) old men are not only great guys; they are the most talented musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and they have made the first part of my dream come true (which you are about to listen to, hopefully over and over again). Part II is yet to come: shelves full of awards!”

“And thanks to my new friends, I now have a Part III as well: Album #2, which we will begin recording this fall,” says Jones. “I hope you have as much fun listening to our album as we did creating it for you.”

The album, Remember the Alamo, features 12 feel good tracks. You can check it out and purchase the album HERE.


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