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Get More Gigs for Your Band

No Comments 13 February 2013

Get More Gigs for Your Band

So you want to get more gigs? Right now, you’re playing a handful of shows, not really getting the response that you want, or not playing the places that you’d like. How do you get more gigs?

First thing you need to do: Get an action plan.

• You need to know how often you actually want to play, or are able to play.
• You need to make a list of places you want to play.
• Get yourself a schedule to be booking shows.

Know your Band’s Availability

First thing’s first, before you start booking all over the place, make sure your band mates are on board with playing as much as you want to play.

It’s easy being a booker for your band, and being passionate about what you do, to start booking everything left and right. Then you realize your drummer is too busy and can’t do it.  The guitarist has to work those days, so he can’t do it.

It really sucks to cancel shows. You never want to cancel shows. If you don’t know your band mates’ schedules, it can happen easy.

Get a calendar set up so you know what everybody’s doing and when they’re doing it. You know when you’re free to book shows. Know vacations, dates with significant others, and any other appointment they have.

Once every week or two, before you do your bookings, ask your bandmates what time off they need. Let them know you’re going to be booking for the next 3 months.

Know where you want to play

Next, you need to figure out all the clubs you want to play. Make a list of exactly where they are. Also you need to create contact information for each of these clubs.

Keep track of how often you have contacted these clubs. You need to know when you can contact them again (or if you have contacted them at all recently).

It’s easy to forget who you have contacted when you start going through a lot of different clubs. You need a list to keep you organized.

You need to have a list of all the clubs within two hours of where you live. Two hours is just the right distance to play a show and be back home in bed the same night.

This way you’re not scrambling to get a hotel room, sleeping in your car, or stay the night somewhere which prevents you from going to work the next morning.

Depending on where you live, two hours from where you live is more than enough shows for you to play on a monthly basis.

However, if you live in the middle of nowhere, I would highly recommend moving. Otherwise, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and travel further which is going to cost you a lot of money and gas. Money for gas sucks. You want to minimize the amount of gasoline you’re burning when you’re first getting started. That’s money out of your pocket.

If you’re blowing gas money, that’s money that you can’t use to get get yourself in the studio to record your next single or album or ever whatever you want to record. So stop burning the gas money. Make sure you have clubs that are close by.

Or move to where the clubs are.

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