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Get Played on College Radio

No Comments 25 April 2012

Get Played on College Radio

With the rise of internet streaming sites like Spotify, many artists are tending to ignore radio airplay in favor of digital listening. Trouble is, royalties from these digital sources does not yet compare to those being generated from terrestrial radio. For a young artist, College Radio can be a great place to start – before making the leap to more established, commercial stations.

So, how does an artist go about getting spins? Colleen P. Calabro, Station Manager of WMVL Radio 88.1, gives us the lowdown.

1. Work with a radio marketing/promotion company

Larger companies: The Syndicate, Advanced Alternative Media (AAM), Planetary Group, Distiller Promotions, Terrorbird

Smaller companies: Vitriol Independent Promotion, Tinderbox Music, Pirate!, Distinctive Promo, Co-Sign Collective

Tinderbox has stated that it costs about $5 per radio station for promotion for each artist, which includes sending mp3s or physical albums, band merchandize occasionally, email blasts to various radio stations with stellar write ups and recommendations, and the potential to be charted with College Music Journal (CMJ).

The latter is dependent on the music directors and DJs at each station “adding” the album to a chart. Being further charted involves the DJs making sure the album gets airplay. The more airplay on more stations, the higher the album is placed on the charts.

Larger companies typically work with labels to promote their roster of artists versus independent artists

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