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Getting to Know: SOHN

No Comments 6 April 2014

Getting to Know: SOHN

Don’t take my word for it - you only need to look at the impressive roster of artists who’ve already collaborated with the subject of today’s Getting to Know to appreciate he must be something very special.

Lana Del Rey, Banks and Angel Haze are just three hipster starlets the British-born, Vienna-based act has written and produced for, not to mention Miguel is a fan. On second thought, don’t take their word for it either! Check out SOHN’s debut single “The Wheel” and judge for yourselves:

SOHN is a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, but first and foremost, SOHN is a vocalist. His pitch-perfect, melancholic pipes form an epicentre around which spacious, off-kilter electronics are coated. A seductive combination, and one which recently lead to the signing of a deal with 4AD:


After an intensive period of late-night writing and recording in Vienna, SOHN is ready to unveil his long-awaited debut album this month. Tremors has been compared by SOHN to the fresh air that greeted him on his walk home from the studio every morning. It’s a gorgeous analogy - listening to SOHN does feel like you’re listening to someone breathing life back into the stagnant R&B musical landscape. But like I said, don’t take my word for it! Pick up your own copy of Tremors on April 7th:


SOHN’s website:

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