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Getting to Know: Vaults

No Comments 4 May 2014

Getting to Know: Vaults

Britain, it hasn’t exactly been short of musical trios over the last few years. Chvrches and London Grammar are the first two that quite obviously come to mind, although I’m sure I’m not the only one around here who has come dangerously close to overplaying The Bones of What You Believe and If You Wait to the point of no return.

Not to mention, both of these artists are undoubtedly going to be withdrawing back into their respective studios to work on new material soon. It begs the question, who is going to both satisfy our thirst for, and broaden our horizons of, British pop during this time?

London act, Vaults, came out of seemingly nowhere in September with “Cry No More.” At the time, I compared them to “Kate Bush, only if she fronted London Grammar, and then had Steve Reich on the glockenspiel.” I stand by that having today heard the trio’s official debut single, “Premonitions.”

Blogs enjoy referring to Vaults as “enigmatic,” so is the fashion these days, but a quick Google soon reveals that they’re fronted by Blythe Pepino, a Hereford native who has been active on the music scene for several years now, and that they’re due to perform their first ever headline gig on May 15th at a sold out The Courtyard in London. “Premonitions,” meanwhile, is out on June 9th through National Anthem, home to the aforementioned Chvrches, and a debut album is thought to be around the corner. So, breathe a sigh of relief, Anglophiles. British pop isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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