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Guster Saw Their Fan’s Cover Video And Did The Unexpected (VIDEO)

No Comments 13 April 2016

Guster Saw Their Fan’s Cover Video And Did The Unexpected (VIDEO)

On Digital Music News, Ari Herstand relays his personal history with Guster and covers Guster covering a cover of one of their songs. Hilarity ensues. But there’s a great lesson in this story, and may have you thinking again about how to engage your fans in a real and honest way.

From the blog:

12 years later, two brothers, David and Andy Bashford, covered Guster’s song “Diane” off of Keep It Together and posted it to YouTube.

Brian and Ryan from Guster, in a video posted this morning, said “If you put the word ‘Guster’ into YouTube, you get different versions of covers of our songs. One night I was creeping on our Twitter and I saw a link to this video of our song “Diane.” It wasn’t our version, but this guy David doing it…It had 3 views on it.”

Brian and Ryan from Guster continue on to tell the story of how they loved David (and Andy)’s cover so much that they decided to recreate it the same way. In essence, covering the cover of their original. Click on the link below to read more of the article and watch the video below…

Author: Ari Herstand, Digital Music News

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