Here’s Why And How You Can Promote Independent Artists

No Comments 24 February 2017

Here’s Why And How You Can Promote Independent Artists

Written by: Melanie Gomez

You’ve put all your hard work into writing songs, finding the right bandmates, creating that catchy new tune, finding places to play gigs, creating some awesome merch, and even found the perfect photo for your new album/single release. But what do you do next? Share your music with the world.

On, you’re able to upload, connect, share, and explore with an indie music community. By doing so, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone of just having friends and family attend your gigs and support your music. You’re finding a new audience who loves and appreciates what you do, as well as people who are in the same steps as you. And the best part is that it’s free! When you upload your music, you’re able to share playlists and create a personalized profile for your fans.

After you upload, you can connect with the indie music community in order to expand your audience on as well Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, and more. When your music is uploaded, fans can easily share your music by using their mobile device or on the computer.

But isn’t just for independent artists, it’s also for lovers of music. Every artist that you love, whether it be Katy Perry, Drake, Twenty One Pilots, or even Taylor Swift, all started somewhere. They didn’t just start out playing huge arena and stadium tours. It all started with their fans. It all started with lovers of music, no matter how mainstream they were or not. If people didn’t support these musicians using social media and websites like, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

When an artist is independent they have all the creative control. They’re an unsigned artist or band not under a contract with a record label. Therefore, for the most part you’re seeing a lot of the artist’s true colors. Most independent artist are writing the lyrics to their music themselves, so you’re also getting that raw connection of emotion while listening to their music. These independent artists are able to explore more lyrical styles that are not as often heard in the mainstream world.

In order to promote music, you don’t always have to buy a band’s album, buy their merch, or attend their show. Because let’s face it, not everyone has the money despite how much they want to help their favorite artist. You can simply use social media to promote music online. By using social media and websites like, you can easily tweet or make a Facebook post about how much you love a specific artist or band. By simply sharing that musician’s post about their new album or merch, you can easily help them out by expanding their audience to your social media following.

The best part about is that you’re able to explore a world of indie artists doing what they love. As an indie artist yourself, you may just find a new artist you love too.

If you’re a lover of music, Promote Music Online.

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