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Hipster Nation: The Inherent Indie Inside All of Us

No Comments 24 May 2012

Hipster Nation: The Inherent Indie Inside All of Us

You know those American Eagle jeans you’re wearing? Someone rocked the distressed tight jeans before it was cool. Someone introduced the indie into the mainstream, and the so-called “hipster” is the one that makes it happen.

The “hipster” is the essential go-between, the middleman who sets the mainstream trends. Hipsters are not defined by what they wear or what they listen to; they are defined by how innovative they are, what new things they bring to the table. And by this, I mean that anyone and everyone can be hipster in some small way or another. This might seem contradictory to the term “hipster,” but think about it; none of us are exactly the same. We all bring something new to the surface, so before you start judging the girl with feather earrings, remember that you are probably guilty of riding a fixie or chiefing some American Spirits every once in a while.

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