How important is the use of music in gaming?

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How important is the use of music in gaming?

Not a day goes by in which we don’t hear music. It goes hand in hand with many things: TV shows, films, commercials and even video games and online games


The difference music can make to these forms of entertainment is limitless. You may be surprised by just how much difference a simple soundtrack can make. Music is often the difference between an emotional climax or cliff-hanger reaching its full potential. Without it’s input the visual impact would likely be as flat as a pancake.  

The relationship between music and videogames has come on leaps and bounds as technology continues to advance.  When videogames started to emerge as a
leading form of entertainment, around the late 1970s to early 1980s, music was created through simple synthetic chips. Prior to this, videogames were either mute or featured only annoying and very repetitive beeps and boops.

As developers began to banish these beeps and boops and mute videogames started to become obsolete, gamers came to expect soundtracks the latest releases. Since the days of 8-bit and MIDI soundtracks, the sophistication of electronic entertainment has evolved at an astonishing rate.

Not only does music help to better the atmosphere of a videogame’s storyline but it can helps to communicate information directly to the player in an artistic manner. Whether it’s the hushed tones of a violin as you’ve lost your player life, a quick hip-hop beat as you’re trying to escape an enemy attack, or the obligatory celebratory jingle of defeating a boss.

Online gaming is no different to video gaming and casino and bingo sites like have also rolled out soundtracks on their games in order to better build up a rapport with their customer base. The soundtrack does not have to complex or dynamic by any means; a simple soundtrack can still be in effective in communicating a win or game over to a player.

In fact, such sounds can often become more significant than the games themselves as players soon learn what each sound means and therefore knows exactly what is coming. Maybe you’re on the cusp of a huge win, or on the verge of losing everything? The right sounds will definitely help to add edge to the game.

Music alone has supported some of the greatest gaming moments of generations and this isn’t going to change any time soon. It’s no secret that any good videogame relies heavily on not only gameplay but storytelling too. However, the right music to accompanying the storyline can make all the difference.

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