How to Move on From Indie Cover Versions

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How to Move on From Indie Cover Versions

Singing an amazing cover version of a well-known Indie song, is a great way to get noticed, particularly on social media. But, most musicians have their own story, their own sound and their own music that they want the world to hear – even if it’s still trapped inside their own heads!

photo by Hans Vivek

Author: Sally Writes

One great way to get those stories, sounds and songs from your head and onto your instrument or ready for your band to play, is by returning to some key musical theory – the Circle of Fifths.

The Circle of Fifths has been around since the 1670s, when it was first created by a composer called Nikolai Diletski. In 1728 another composer called Johann David Heinichen improved it and it’s that edited version musicians still use today.

As its been around for soooo long, it makes sense that it’s a very useful tool when it comes to all types of musical composition, including Indie tunes.

How the Circle of Fifths Helps Song-Writers

The way the Circle of Fifths helps song-writers is by giving them a short-cut to finding specific notes, chords or transposition keys. Just a look at the chart, or a quick bit of thought if you’ve memorized it, can give you the perfect intro, chorus or bridge.

More specifically, the Circle of Fifths make it much easier and quicker to:

·      Find the right key change.
·      Introduce consonance or dissonance.
·      Make the right chord progressions.
·      Match major and minor keys.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You can also listen to your favorite tracks and with the help of the Circle of Fifths, work out specific details of that music so you can understand how they’ve created a particular sound. After all, creating a new sound is just what many great indie artists are known for!

Create Your Own Perfect Sound

The Circle of Fifths has been used for hundreds of years by many musicians. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to create your own sound or songs. You just need to listen out for the musical combinations that sing to you – and will do the same for others when they hear them.

While some of your favorite Indie artists might have created a hit off the cuff, we’re willing to bet a lot that many of them put in lots of hard graft to create the perfect hit - including studying the Circle of Fifths!

And, the beauty of the Circle of Fifths, is that if one or a few details in your composition aren’t quite right, then just go back to the chart and try a different option. With some trial and error, you’ll understand the relationship between different notes, chords and keys without needing to refer back to it in a noticeable way.

Making your own music can be tough, so make sure you make use of any useful tools you can. The Circle of Fifths is one of those tools. Once you start using it, we know you will too!

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