In response to Noisey’s “Do We Really Need an Indie Rock Revival in 2017?”

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In response to Noisey’s “Do We Really Need an Indie Rock Revival in 2017?”

Ben Gibbard is a cry-baby, but we love him anyway because he looks so dang cool in his skinny jeans and short-sleeved button-ups. Mopey boys with side bangs have only ever been cool while holding guitars. Take away the strings and all you’re left with is a sad high schooler with a handful of mixtapes featuring Defeater.

Author: Morgan Hughestarget

But Gibbard and his soft-rock cohorts aren’t just bummed out teenagers smoking cigarettes in the high school parking lot; They’re accomplished musicians with fan bases to prove it. So why are some people in the music world trying to take away the only thing that separates the indie rock men from the indie rock boys?

An article published by Noisey titled “Do we really need an Indie Rock Revival in 2017,” gained some traction earlier this year, because apparently, indie rock’s moment is over. Granted, the author of the piece does not exile the denounced genre to whenever it was cool to like Cake, but she makes it pretty clear the genre’s moment has long passed.

Maybe she’s right, but how sad it would be if talented artists stopped making music because they had reached their pop culture expiry. Indie rock has been important to somebody somewhere since its inception. Are we really so authoritarian to take that away?

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