Independent Labels Release Global Study on Their Business

No Comments 5 June 2016

Independent Labels Release Global Study on Their Business

The global community of independent labels have done their own homework this time. As a counterbalance to the annual, major label-heavy “Recording Industry in Numbers” report, the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) - an umbrella organization for various independent label bodies around the world - debuted its “Worldwide Independent Market Report” during a presentation at Midem, the annual industry confab held in the south of France. Billboard reports.

“The raison d’etre of major labels is to industrialise mainstream music,” the report’s introduction reads, “which by definition limits their scope when it comes to signing and developing artists that may appeal to niche audiences. Independent labels play a vital role, globally, in discovering and nurturing new talent.”

The report, conducted by MIDiA from data provided to it by member labels, is heavy on qualitative analysis of independents, including a fascinating introduction from Rough Trade founder Geoff Travis and two case studies focused on indies’ contributions to sustaining movements in music and the value they provide to two emerging markets, China and Nigeria. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Andrew Flanagan, Billboard

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