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Indie Artist Spotlight: 13 Editor Picks from 2013, Pt 2

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Indie Artist Spotlight: 13 Editor Picks from 2013, Pt 2

As we push a few days further into the new year, it’s time to dig into Part Two of our Top 13 Editor Picks of 2013. We’re pressing “play” again on some favorite (and memorable) editor selections that appeared in Indie-Music’s Indie Artist Spotlight in 2013.

Our continued goal in 2014 is to put the emphasis back on the artists - discovering new talent and rediscovering old favorites that get us excited about the independent music scene. We’ve rekindled some great partnerships with GoGirls and the Independent Music Conference® (two wonderful longtime supporters of DIY artists) and brought in guest editorial from our new partners at BitCandy Music Filter.

I look forward to what 2014 has to offer both musically and creatively, and encourage all of the artists out there to visit our submissions policy (located here: ) and keep sending in your material for review. You continue to inspire and the time has never been stronger for independent musicians to self-direct their careers as they see fit.

Here was the first installment:

In no particular order, open your ears for round two…


First, the return of two artists that push the envelope in their own ways…

Deer Tick

Deer Tick, “Negativity”
Of all the records I listened to for review in 2013, the anticipation of digging into this one from Deer Tick has left a lasting impression. There is a darkness, a truthfulness and a tinge of hopefulness at work in this dynamic and focused effort from John McCauley and Co. that really resonated. What stands out from this, however, is the confidence and completely refreshed and elevated songwriting. It’s raw, it’s vulnerable, and it’s such a welcome return for this band. Quite simply, it’s a home run.

Read the review here:


Son Lux

Son Lux, “Lanterns”
On the opposite end of the sound spectrum, there is Son Lux. I can’t say this is a “return to form” for Ryan Lott; he is simply doing some of the most interesting and surprising collaborations I’ve heard for the past several years. What’s fantastic about Lanterns, however, is the chance to glimpse fully and willingly inside the head of an artist I liken more to a composer than a more straightforward songwriter. What’s going on here is weird, experimental and utterly wonderful. It sounds like an alien world crossed with classic symphonic and electronic influences. You should be listening to this. It’s different, it will expand your musical knowledge and it will make you want to really listen to those creative voices in your own head.

Read the review here:



A critical darling worthy of all the hype…

Lucy Schwartz

Lucy Schwartz, “Timekeeper”
The release of Timekeeper came with a certain amount of expectation and buzz around the industry. But Lucy Schwartz managed to release a record on her terms that puts her big, vivacious voice and songwriting skills on full display. It’s confident, bold, and filled to the brim with a quality that can only be described as uniquely quirky. Lucy Schwartz is a sassy, accomplished and gifted musician who knows who she is…and it shows in every track of this wonderful record.

Read the review here:


…and another female-fronted powerhouse positioned to create some noise of their own.

Raw Geronimo

Raw Geronimo, “Dream Fever”
I like a band that has the natural ability to simultaneously sound raw and completely in control. There is a power and vitality to the songs that populate Dream Fever; tracks that seem to run off in unexpected directions, zigging and zagging in a way that feels fresh and dizzyingly satisfying. I included Raw Geronimo on this list for the specific reason that I absolutely cannot get “Magnetic Love” out of my head since the first listen. When you listen to hundreds of submissions and audio snippets during the course of a year, that means something. What a great introduction to a band that could have a breakout year in 2014. They are making waves in the LA music scene and beyond, and for good reason. Get in on the ground floor and get out to see them this year.

Read the review here:



A gorgeous and visceral musical collaboration…

Broken Anchor

Broken Anchor, “Fresh Lemonade”

Again a complete stunner that came out of nowhere…but did not go unnoticed. This is a record that maximizes smart songwriting that swells with musicality and honesty. I stand by my earlier review that the major difficulty I had writing about it was that I became even more enamored with each song I heard. Not a bad problem to have. For music fans and musicians who appreciate a retro vibe that brims with warmth and personality.

Read the review here:



...and a duo flying under the radar that boasts great potential.


Supersmall, “This Other World”
Irish vocalist/guitarist Colin Dempsey and Israeli drummer Daniela Schiller round out my top 13 of 2013 with a debut record that captured my attention in an understated way. There were flashier and more mainstream records that I debated over, but the reason I chose Supersmall’s This Other World boiled down to talent and potential. There is a ton of untapped possibility with this duo; Schiller is a versatile and interesting percussionist, and those seem to be in short supply in an industry that prizes frontmen and guitarists. Dempsey is her perfect counterpart; a classic-sounding singer and guitarist who also displays great versatility throughout this record, and equal depth of talent. There is something brewing here, and I’m excited to hear what they come up with next. And that’s the note I like to end on.

Read the review here:



At Indie-Music, we hope you will take a moment to revisit some of our Editor Picks for 2013 and, of course, submit your own material for one of our monthly Indie Artist Spotlights. We return to new reviews in February and look forward to bringing you more great selections throughout 2014!

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