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Indie Artist Spotlight: September 2015 Artist Reviews at Indie-Music

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Indie Artist Spotlight: September 2015 Artist Reviews at Indie-Music

The artists featured in September’s Indie Artist Spotlight couldn’t be more different from each other. But there’s one thing that ties them all together - each of them is delivering something completely unexpected and inexplicably great. Indie-Music’s September 2015 artist spotlight features the dreamy power rock of Moving Panoramas, experimental cello rock artist Noah Hoffeld, the triumphant return of orchestral folk rocker James Harker, the fabulous finesse of folk pop songstress Jennifer Greer, and the blue-eyed soul of Portland’s My Brothers and I.

Indie-Music’s September 2015 artist reviews feature Moving Panoramas’ “One” (dream gaze), Noah Hoffeld’s “Play Human” (cello rock), James Harkers’ “The Ebb and Flow” (orchestral folk pop), Jennifer Greer’s “Hey Tide” (pop folk), and My Brothers and I’s “Don’t Dream Alone” (soul pop). Visit all the reviews online by checking out the Artist Spotlight tab on the home page.

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