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Is There a Music Tech Bubble?

No Comments 22 January 2016

Is There a Music Tech Bubble?

The coming hangover might affect some digital music companies, but experts say not all valuations are suspect and that good ideas will continue to find financial backers. Billboard reports.

What could be more emblematic of a bubble than overvalued technology companies? Turn to any technology blog or financial outlet and you’ll see talk about “unicorns,” those private technology companies with valuations over $1 billion made possible by easy access to money. Fortune’s “The Year In Unicorns” recounted 12 months of warnings and irrational exuberance. The Economist warned of a coming “techquake” for the 150 unicorns currently on the planet (according to CB Insights). Prominent venture capitalist Bill Gurley spent 2015 predicting imminent doom for highly valued technology companies that lack financial fundamentals. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Glenn Peoples, Billboard

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