Love It Or Hate It, The Eurovision Song Contest Is Back For Your Viewing Pleasure. Here’s Your NTK

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Love It Or Hate It, The Eurovision Song Contest Is Back For Your Viewing Pleasure. Here’s Your NTK

Do you care about Eurovision 2017? The answer is probably something along the lines of ‘well, “care” is a bit of a strong word’ or ‘there was this amazing Eurovision viewing party at uni a few years back’. And that’s totally acceptable. It’s expected, in fact. But for some reason we still find it cropping up in conversations, we’ll still be dutifully disappointed when the UK doesn’t win and we’re secretly really fascinated by the car-crash sequined spectacle that is The Eurovision Song Contest.

Author: Jazmin Kopotsha

To fuel that fascination, it might interest you to know that this year’s show will be hosted by Graham Norton and shown on BBC One. But before you roll your eyes at the prospect of actively engaging in an international coming together of countries across the world (not just Europe) in celebration of questionable taste in music and costumes reminiscent of your year 4 fancy dress party, think of it like this: If you can’t beat ‘em, join them and beat them at their own stupid game by actually understanding the rules of the competition you’re drinking to.

When did Eurovision even start?
Eurovision kicked off way back in 1956, a whole 61 years ago when only seven countries competed in Lugano, Switzerland. Each country was allowed to submit two entries but it was still a far shorter, condensed affair than it is these days. It was created by the European Broadcasting Union (a group of telly companies around Europe).

Oh, and if you were wondering if the UK entered that first historic competition, the answer is no. We missed the deadline. Classic. 

Where is Eurovision 2017 going to be?
This year it’s going to be in Kiev over in Ukraine. Why, you ask? Because Ukraine won Eurovision 2016 which means they get the honour of hosting. So, no. It probably won’t be coming to the UK anytime soon.

How long does Eurovision last?
For-fucking-ever mate. I don’t know anyone who’s survived the whole thing.* The final is timetabled to air on BBC One from 8 pm until the end of time. And when I say end of time I mean 11.25pm.

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