Luxury Mane Releases “Hard to be Easy”

No Comments 11 January 2017

Luxury Mane Releases “Hard to be Easy”

Written by: Melanie Gomez

Luxury Mane is an award-winning art rock/indie rock group from St Petersburg, Florida who just released their latest single “Hard to be Easy” off of their newest album, Lux Runnin Out.

The band consisting of Billy Summer (vox, guitar), Kyle Lovell (drums), and Aaron Nelson (bass), are known for their creative psych pop music. Although this is just one way to describe their music, critics and fans also label them under the genres of indie rock, art rock, experimental, and new wave. Overall, nobody can really put a label to the band. But if we can say one thing about Luxury Mane, it’s that they are a fresh blast from the past.

Listening to their latest single,”“Hard to be Easy,” the band can easily be compared to The 1975 with their gentle and soft touch in this slow jam. Although the song is slow, we’re loving how Billy adds a nice guitar solo towards the end.

This not so usual mixture is what makes the band so hard to label. But the interesting thing is, the mix works! Listening to music nowadays, it seems like bands like The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys, and Luxury Mane, are all coming back in style. It’s that classic sound that kids are looking for lately, and we’re completely okay with this because now we’re getting more of these bands.

The band’s music has been featured and heard on popular networks such as Bravo, VH1, The Sundance Channel, Showtime, and ABC. Their track, “Youth Envy,” was the theme song for the AOL web series Act Like A Musician, while their song “Curtains” was recently used in the Showtime series The Affair.

You can purchase the band’s album, Lux Runnin Out, on iTunes now. The album is also available as a limited run on mustard colored vinyl, which you can find HERE.

Lux Runnin Out Tracklisting: 
1. Got A Need
2. Julian
3. Eating A Milky Way Tonight
4. The Bay
5. Hard To Be Easy
6. Alex Van Halen
7. Funny Feeling
8 Things In The City
9. Medical Mind

Check out their latest single, “Hard to be Easy,” below:

Luxury Mane:


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