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Meet the Gee-Bees

No Comments 6 January 2012

Meet the Gee-Bees

Often aggressive and belligerent, the generationally biased - let’s call them Gee-Bees - rarely attribute their affection for the music of their youth to tender memories. They present their argument as perceived wisdom: Popular music was better then. For you to disagree is to reveal a deficiency on your part. Cite examples of excellence among today’s musicians and you too are dismissed.

Here’s a typical conversation:

Gee-Bee: “Go ahead. Name a band today that’s better than (insert ‘60s or ‘70s act here).”

You: “Radiohead? Arcade Fire? TV on the Radio? Sigur Rós?”

Gee-Bee: “I never heard of them.”

You: “You never heard of Radiohead?”

Gee-Bee: “I don’t listen to new music. I don’t need to. No one will ever be better than (insert favorite old-time artist or band).”

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