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Migrate Your Music to the Cloud’s Tom Dillon writes: No matter what you think about iTunes, there’s no denying that Apple’s music software revolutionized the music industry and how we experience it. Along with the iTunes Music Store, this software made buying, listening to, and collecting music an all-in-one experience, while introducing the notion of buying a single song rather than an entire album.

It’s hard for many to remember a time when you couldn’t do that, and we have Steve Jobs to thank.

Just because iTunes was so revolutionary, and is still so ubiquitous, doesn’t make it the best option for consumers to collect and access their music with these days. As your library grows, iTunes sometimes slows — and besides, a growing number of people want to be able to access their stuff anywhere without having to deal with transferring files around manually, like some sort of music sys admin. Aren’t computers and the internet supposed to take care of stuff like that for us?

The answer is floating above you: the cloud, where you can store all your tracks so they can beam down at you like so many rainbows.

To get out of iTunes and onto the cloud requires a solid grasp of the options, because this is definitely a case of “different strokes for different folks.” Click on the link below to read more about how to migrate your subscription music from iTunes to the cloud…

Author: Tom Dillon,

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