Mumubl Asks Users to Share Soundtrack to Their Lives

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Mumubl Asks Users to Share Soundtrack to Their Lives has launched in an “open beta” phase and is seeking music lovers to come and help with the final stages of testing the site by sharing the tracks that made them the music lover they are today.

The site allows people to contribute the stories behind the tracks they love and tell the world why they enjoy the music they do. A similar concept to the “Tracks of my years” radio show, but open to everyone and not just those who can get on Radio 2.

Users sign up and create a profile and can share a track a day to build up a catalogue of the music they love, they can also follow their friends on the site and find out what makes other people tick when it comes to musical taste. Whilst many music sharing websites are focused on what you are listening to now will allow users to build a catalogue of the music they’ve loved over the years and focus on the music that has shaped their life to date. The longer form encourages users to use the site more as their own music blog.

In asking users to contribute Mumubl also hopes to build a library of tracks that allow people to browse around and connect various artists and different types of music. It also hopes that this feedback on various tracks will offer an insight into different music and the connections between tracks.

The site quietly launched a few months ago to allow some initial testing and is adding new features all the time and starting to seek new users to share their musical loves with the world.

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