Music streaming 2016, Part 2: the complex revenue equation

No Comments 13 January 2016

Music streaming 2016, Part 2: the complex revenue equation

From the Disc Makers Echoes blog: Our two-part look at music streaming 2016 includes this overview of revenue equations and a look at the current streaming landscape in Part 1.

In “Music streaming: friend or foe to the independent musician?” we discussed the tiny sums of money that artists and writers receive per stream. But rather than a one-time payment that music creators receive for a download or CD sale, streaming revenues can be perpetual, so long as someone wants to hear your song. And while greater transparency in how royalties are calculated and paid by all the streaming services is a necessity, the simple equation is more streaming spins leads to more revenue for artists. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Keith Hatschek and Robert Bassett, Disc Makers Echoes

Read more: Music Streaming 2016 | The Complex Revenue Equation

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